When we think Cibo (CHEE-bo) meaning food in Italian, we aspire to give you better-than-homey modern Italian cuisine. Speak to us of Bistro and we think warm, neighborhood and rustic, a casual space with serious food and wine. 

– Lisa & Rosario Caputo


Tucked away in Oliver Village with a garden side patio, the Bistro’s room is adorned with candles, modern pieces and finished with an old world touch.



“I focus on sourcing quality ingredients locally as well as from Italy keeping our menu simple and tasty. We try to make everything in house offering Edmonton fresh breads, hand rolled pastas, in house cured meats, and homemade cheeses. Our menu changes seasonally with inspirations from northern Italy in winter, southern Italy in summer, and central Italy year round. My origins are Calabrian so you’ll find a hint of Calabrese in everything I do.”

– Rosario Caputo, Chef & Owner


It’s a special moment when a customer asks me to find them the perfect wine to compliment their meal and enhance their celebration. I’m blessed to have a career that allows me to create an unforgettable experience with three simple things! Exceptional customer service, delicious food and extraordinary wine”

– Lisa Caputo, General Manager, Sommelier, & Owner

“I’m currently away on maternity leave, if you’re lucky you can spot me and baby Caputo in the restaurant during the early seatings weekdays. Don’t worry though, I’m still actively tasting wine and bringing fun new things into the restaurant while I’m away.”

“I don’t know if there’s a cuisine that we take more for granted than Italian food. We’ve been conditioned by jarred sauces and mass-produced pastas. So when you dig into pasta that’s finished as delicately as you get from the kitchen of Rosario Caputo at Cibo Bistro, you realize just how good the simple noodle can be. Take traditional Italian food and bring it up several notches with some very refined adjustments.”

– Steven Sandor, Avenue Magazine


Make a reservation below or give us a call at 780.757.2426.

Thank you so much for booking with us! To best accommodate all our guests, dining times are generally two hours for parties of two and four; and two and a half hours for parties of 6 or more on busier nights. We politely ask that all members of the table arrive on time for the reservation. Tables are only held for a 15 minute grace period and will be deemed “no showed” if Cibo Bistro has not been notified you are running late. Please be aware your reservation starts at the time you reserved and not the time all guests have arrived.  

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11244 104 Avenue  Edmonton, AB
T  780.757.CIBO {2426}    E  chef@cibobistro.com


TUES – SAT    5PM – 10PM


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